T.U.R.K.E.Y. Exquisite. Magical. Spectacular. H.U.L.Y.A. Gracious. Knowledgeable. Exceptional.

Our vacation was more than we expected. The tour was a wonderful introduction to Turkey and, needless to say, we loved it. The people, the food, the sights–all overwhelming.

T.U.R.K.E.Y. Exquisite. Magical. Spectacular. H.U.L.Y.A. Gracious. Knowledgeable. Exceptional.

I must admit that I was apprehensive during the planning stages of our families’ trip, for I was travelling with 6 kids, age 10-13 (yes; three of which are triplets), one 82 year old/young-at-heart grandmother and 4 adults. Be that as it may, HULYA lessened my anxiety with her kind-hearted nature. She told me not to worry about the trip, and that she would ensure the highest level of quality; but rather, she exceeded our expectations.

My intentions for writing this review are two-fold. I want you, as readers, to know that Turkey is a country that is insanely beautiful, architectural, historical, educational, but mostly mythical. You will find that upon returning from Turkey, your thoughts will travel back to places you have visited, to the people you met, and to the food you ate instinctively, almost impulsively. Turkey bewilders the mind and awakens the senses. As we drove through the villages, the call to prayer beckons that you enjoy life and be appreciative. So, thank you Hulya, you added to my families’ enjoyment of life, and we are all appreciative that you ensured that you added such colorful memories to our lives.

Now fantasize with me…picture tour guides that were true gentleman; a tea house on a mountaintop village with breathtaking vistas; an indescribable sense of peace that overwhelms you in the House of Virgin Mary(Meryemana); spectacular Ephesus and its massive grandeur, the exquisiteness of handmade Turkish rugs; tantalizing Turkish meze (small plates) & meatballs (kofte); local fragrant fruit wines of picturesque village of Sirince; tranquil ruins of Sardis; an ice cold Efes or glass of wine as the sun sets over Kusadasi, and our families’ favorite~the hot water cascades of the cottony frozen water falls and therapeutic mineral pools of Pamukale. Pamukale is simply inconceivable, wondrous, unthinkable, and reaffirms your faith in the God you choose to believe in. As far as 6 American kids from Pennsylvania and New York are concerned, it’s the coolest water park in the world. 

The people of Turkey embrace you genuinely with their warm smiles and want to share their food, their culture, their country and the beauty of their world. Turkey is one of the top 10 travel destinations, and Istanbul just got voted in the Huffington Post as one of the top three friendliest cities in the world. Should you choose to go, I would highly recommend the services of Hulya and Elite Turkey Tours. I did plan the first half of our trip to Turkey, which entailed four wondrous days meandering through and touring Istanbul by using TripAdvisor; quite honestly, it was perfect, but it took me an obscene amount of hours (about a month) to plan. Our excursion planned by Hulya took a phone call and an email. Actually, I contacted Hulya more than that, but only because of my own naivete. I hope that this honest review gives you the confidence that I needed to entrust my large family to a travel agent that I had never spoken to before this phenomenal trip/experience.

Happy Valentine’s Day (Mutlu Sevgililer gunu)…This review is my way to extend my love of this trip to the world!

Visited August 2012

Kadishe family  from PA

Hi Hulya,

Justin and I wanted to thank you for sending the checks for the refund in Antalya!! We greatly appreciate your help on everything and have had a great experience working with you!

We wish you all the best! 🙂

Larissa & Justin!

Hello Hulya, 

Thank you for your email. I was going to send you an email after I got back from France. But, I got busy re-adjust to the life there and I forgot.

Yes, the tour was very good and we enjoyed it. Since you asked, I will give you my feedback.

1. Cappadocia: Everything was great. Argos Hotel was wonderful. The manager there gave us a very nice huge room and I highly recommend this hotel to your other clients. Yes, it is more expensive but it is worthy the money. We had the best tour guide and driver in Cappadocia. The guide’s name was Ada and the drive is Rasim (?). Ada was a young woman and very knowledge and pleasant. We enjoyed to have lunch with here. Not only to learn about the places and also learn about the life and culture in Turkey in general. We had a great tour from her and I really recommend your tour agency will use her more often. Our drive was polite and a very good drive. Thanks again for the Turkish bath as a gift. We enjoyed it very much.

2. Kusadasi / Ephesus: Good hotel (la Vista hotel) with wonderful view of the sunset every night. The hotel is in a good location and easy to get to the center of town. The hotel is new and very clean. We had a good tour guide. I think his name was Afkan (?). He was very accommodating and let me took my time to look around and take pictures. I think he belong to your tour agency.

3. Pamukale: Hotel is not very good but it was small and very clean. It was Ok for one night. The people working in the hotel were very friendly. Our guid ( can’t remember his name) is not that good. He is not as good as the other guides. You know the thing he bothered me the most is that he is learning to speak Japanese and he wants to tour Japanese tourists. So, every time he saw Japanese tourists, he spent more time talking to the Japanese tourists. I think he should spend more time talking to us. But, I still give him a tip which I really don’t think he deserved it. During the tour I asked him to take us to see Aphradisias which is not in the itinerary. Of course, we have to pay him extra for the tour. I really enjoyed to visit Aphradisias and highly recommend you recommend to your other tours. It is a very beautiful site and visitors should not miss this place. 

4. Bodrum: we are on our own. El Vino hotel was great. it’s a small hotel but in a very great location with easy walking to town. The manager of the hotel was wonderful. I requested two beds for the room, but your manager in Turkey did not give them the message. When we got there, the manager of the hotel upgraded our room to a suit with two beds.  

Your manager in Turkey is nice but I had to call him several time because there was some mis-communication about pick up time and two beds etc.  

Thanks again. We had a wonderful time in Turkey and I hope we will have opportunity to visit Turkey again.


Dear Hulya,

I just returned from a business trip and quite exhausted after all this travelling….you can quote me below:

I had a wonderful time touring Bursa, Cumalikizik and Iznik.

Bursa is, in my opinion, NorthWest Turkeys hidden gem. If you want wonderful historic sites, gastronomy Iskender kebap), and shopping all to yourself in a verdant setting go to Bursa.

Cumalikizik is a wonderful original Ottoman village nearby…best enjoyed off-season. I would imagine staying overnight in snowy winter would be magical.

Iznik, while much smaller and boasting fewer sites, is of spiritual importance to many and, for those, not to be missed….


Hi Hulya

Well, you did a great job for us! Our vacation was more than we expected. The tour was a wonderful introduction to Turkey and, needless to say, we loved it. The people, the food, the sights–all overwhelming.

Our guides were the best. All of them were knowledgeable and very eager. Everyone tried to make sure that we saw the key sights and understood the history and culture connected to them. Selcuk in Istanbul was excellent, as was Deniz in Cappadoccia. Nouri at Ephesus and Sirince was also just perfect. We spent most time with Cagdas and Fatih in Fethiye. They were great and we now feel like old friends. In addition to the tours around Fethiye, they took us on an extra excursion to the Dalyan mud baths and to the beach (after a nice river cruise) that we really enjoyed (and we now have some very funny pictures, too). They were very eager to please. We had a bit of a mix up on the day we left Kusadasi for Fethiye–a long story–but Hamsa made sure that everything worked out just fine. He and a friend personally drove us to Fethiye. He was VERY eager to be sure that we were happy and taken care of and made sure that we were all set up at Lykia World before he left to return to Kusadasi. Truly, all of our guides were excellent, so friendly and smart and hard working.

The hotels were mostly excellent. Sultanhan in Istanbul was fine–a great location for touring and very comfortable. We had a problem with the internet and the air conditioning (on one night), but it was not a big deal. In Cappadoccia, Museum Hotel and CCR were both perfect and amazing. The staff could not have been more helpful and, of course, our SURPRISES!–roses, rose petals, wine, special treatment at dinner, room upgrades. They could not be better. The same is true for the Kempinski. We were treated like royalty in a beautiful junior suite (another upgrade, with more roses……)–a perfect hotel in every way.

We did not like Fantasia in Kusadasi at all. It seemed crowded, noisy, a little worn and too big for our taste. We didn’t spend too much time there, but that was a good thing. Lykia World was an excellent hotel, but, again, it was too big and there seemed to be noisy children everywhere. The food was good, but meals were hectic and noisy. Again, we didn’t spend much time in the hotel–Cagdas and Fatih kept us busy–but this would be a better choice for a family on a vacation. Our room had a nice sea view, but it was so far away from the restaurant area that we even got lost one night! It might have been better to stay in the Residence part of the hotel (we were in the Village section). The hotel was nice, just not for us.

Of course, ending with the Kempinski was just perfect before our last night in Istanbul.

By the way, on our last night we had a great dinner not too far from the hotel–the restaurant was Giritili–one of our most enjoyable meals. The food was so fresh and good and the staff was so attentive.

We met some wonderful people and really had a perfect time. Thank you so much for all of your help. We will happily recommend you to any friends planning a trip to Turkey.

Kind regards–


Hi Hulya

You arranged a tour for my group of five on may 10 and 11. I would like you to know that we were very impressed with how smoothly the arrangements went, from the time we were picked up at the hotel until we were dropped off there the next day. Our guide, Nesrin , was wonderful! She provided so much information and was able to answer our questions, and she modified the trip at the end to include a tour of a winery which we had not expected. Two of our group had taken such tours before in other countries and remarked at how coordinated and exceptional your tour was. We were of course disappointed that we could not take the balloon ride but completely understand that safety must come first. I guess that gives me an excuse to visit again in the future.

I will gladly recommend your company to anyone I know who is travelling to Turkey. And I would like to add that I found the Turkish people in general to be very welcoming, kind, and helpful. I enjoyed your country and thank you again for arranging this tour. It will remain a fond memory for me. 

Again Thank you so much

Janine and Ramona Group

Hello Hulya 

I am writing to let you know of the wonderful service I received from Elite Turkey Tours. I was trying to put a vacation together and she was accommodating, friendly, professional and a delight!! My son’s birthday was Aug 17 and I was waiting to get vacation approval so I could book a trip and put the info in his birthday card! Early afternoon on the 15th I got approval and called Hulya so she could check 2 trips for my final choice. She was prompt, called me and I booked the 8 days in Paris, Italy, Christmas. Between phone tags and my demanding work schedule, we spoke at 4:30 PST and she faxed me the confirmation and trip schedule so I could put it in my Son’s card. He was thrilled and excited and it made our day!! Thank you and I will continue to work with your company in all my travels!

Barbara and Connor

Hello Hulya 

Yes we are back safe and sound. We have been here for quite a few days now but I couldn`t respond earlier because right after we came back, I had to undergo some serious surgery and was not feeling upto doing anything. I am on the mend now and feeling much better. I thought I should write to you and let you know that everything went very well. We had a great time in Istanbul. There is so much to see and do in Istanbul that we decided to just stay there. My husband was very impressed with the professional care he received at the dialysis center. He said that the care was even better than he receives here.

We were picked up at the airport without any problem and taken to the Ferman Hotel. The hotel is quite nice and the room was OK. It had the ocean view but it is marred by so many rundown buildings between the hotel and the sea. We still enjoyed watching the traffic on the sea-the fishermen, the oil tankers and the cruise ships.

We were surprised to see so much traffic on the sea. The location of the hotel is excellent. From the rooftop, we could even see the dome of Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. We walked to everywhere. Or we took the tram. By the time we left, we knew all the stations on the tram and where to get down to go to where we had to go.

We explored the other side of Istanbul by taking the cable car.

We enjoyed both days of organized day tours very much. The guide had lots of knowledge and was able to provide very good guidance. Through him, we also booked the evening of entertainment which proved to be very good. We enjoyed all the music and dancing. We also enjoyed the Spice Market and the Grand Bazaar. 

Overall the trip was perfect and I want to thank you for arranging it for us. 

Also I will visit you In manhattan office to talk about new trip itinerary 

Marika and Mario

Hello Elite Turkey Team,

We were so happy with our trip!! Everything went so smoothly, we could not have been happier! The tours were well organized, the guides were for the most part excellent. The transfers and internal flights were on time every time!! 

The hotels were conveniently located. The views from the Rast and Charisma were outstanding. The MDC was absolutely beautiful. The Rast was especially accommodating when our daughter was sick and needed some soup and bread at an off time. The food and service at the MDC was so nice that we had dinner there both nights. (they also had a young man singing and playing guitar, which was lovely). We spent a lot of time swimming in Kusadasi. Our trip to Ephesus was awe inspiring but our tour guide was very nice but the weakest of all. 

Our daughter loved Cappadoccia best. She loved the balloon ride and peace of the country side. Our son loved Istanbul and wished he could explore more of the area. Both of the kids liked Taksim and would have liked to spend a night there. Wayne and I loved it all and honestly we look forward to making another trip in the future. There was so much to do and see and it was all very exciting. Sometimes a little too touristy but we needed that for the first time. Also, I think we would want to visit in the fall when it would be less hot. 

. We have many, many great family memories and we thank you so much for all your help!!

Kindly regards

Sigrid and Dianne


I just wanted to let you know that we arrived to Mexico this Sunday and to thank you for your services. We had a great time thanks to the professionalism of your agency. Everything went perfectly fine; people from the hotels and cabs contracted by you were so nice and we are so pleased with your services that we will recommend Vip Luxury Travel without hesitations to our acquaintances that would like to travel to the Mediterranean. 



Hello JUNE,

I’ve just returned from Egypt and, I would like to personally thank you and your staff for the Vacation of a lifetime. You should be very proud of the excellent service your staff provided. Cairo, Mr. Mohamed Yasin was very impressive and mature for a young man. He was always doing his best to provide the highest level of service. The driver in Cairo , Mr. Hasan was the best driver I’ve ever had. Aswan, Mr. Mahmoud was impressive in the level of service he provided, thank you for all your assistance in every detail. Luxor, Mr. Mahmoud provided a high level of service. I am looking forward to booking again with VIP Luxury travel for my next vacation. I will share all the positive comments I have for Vip luxury Travel and Staff, with all my friends,family, and co-workers. I will gladly recommend VIP luxury travel to anyone looking for a trip to Egypt. 

Thank you again, 

Janine and Gregg

“JUNE did a suberb job, very pro-active, professional and courteous. Excellent organization. Thank you! Itinerary was excellent, all surprises were positive; Ataturk mausoleum is a must see, Aphrodisias was very interesting. Driver (Ahmet) and guide (Serap) were excellent, informative and engaging without intruding on our personal time –perfect!”

Thank you again for amazing organizations to Vip Luxury travel team..I have a lot of picture I will send you Sandra and Georgia from Arizona

Sandra and Georgia

Hola June,

Our representative was outstanding and went out of his way to make sure that we had everything we needed. Our guides were knowledgeable & polite. The only drawback was the cruise delays and late departure time that resulted in loosing one entire day in Luxor. Other than that I had an amazing time in Egypt.”I would like to visit to prepare our honeymoon package your Manhattan office Maria and Carlos from Miami

Maria and Carlos


We had a great trip to Turkey. Istanbul is a great vital city. We had busy days and great eating at night. We particularly liked the trip to Kappadokya. So much history. We learned so much. I want to recommend our guide, Yakup Koyuncu. He was very gracious and knowledgeable. Luckily, we were alone with him and Ras for the trip. Here are a few pictures including one of my friend and I on the bridge.  

Thanks for everything. 



I just wanted to send you a quick email to tell you thank you for helping us with all our travel for our wedding!!!! Everything was awesomely great & we didn’t have any problems with anything…even when my mom forgot her booklet with the transfer page for the resort, they told us not to worry about it & they would take care of it. 

Everyone was so nice, not just the people that worked there, the guests were nice too!!! We met so many people & made so many friends that we felt right at home! : )

Even though it was “rainy season”, it only rained early mornings & the days were picture perfect with sunny skies! : ) 

We didn’t want to leave & we are already talking about booking our trip for next year…our 1st year Anniversary! ; )

We are looking at the dates Oct 7-12, 2013 at Couples Swept Away!!! When you have time, quote us a price for the Ocean Verandah suite, Beachfront Verandah suite & the Great house jacuzzi suite!

Thanks again Mel! I’m going recommend you to all my friends for travel with you


Hola Betsy,

I can’t begin to tell you how much John and I were impressed. You did such an amazing job planning and booking this trip to Turkey for us. The whole time we kept saying wow she did it again and how we needed to THANK YOU right away! We had a perfect room, view and time. The resort and staff were absolutely fantastic! We look forward to booking again with you … hopefully SOONER than later =)

Susanne and John  

Hello BETSY,

My husband and I just got back from the most AMAZING and seamless Turkey honeymoon planned entirely by Betsy at Vip Luuxury Travel. We canNOT praise her enough for organizing a fabulous trip and for the incredibly awesome registry they created for us online. Everyone loved sharing in the excitement of our amazing honeymoon by gifting parts of it to us. Thanks to Betsy and her connections in Turkey , we were treated like celebrities everywhere we went on the trip. It was COMPLETELY stress-free and for the first time, I didn’t feel like I needed a “vacation from my vacation” when the trip was over. Thank you SO MUCH Betsy and Vip Luxury Travel. You made our dream honeymoon a reality. If anyone wants a personal recommendation – feel free to message me and I will answer any questions you have.” 

Smita and Dave

Hello Hulya,

Travelling to Greece with my three daughters was more than a dream come true. I enjoyed every moment of our travels, but I must say that Mykanos was my favorite place. It was very emotional for me…especially when I started dancing at Greece Taverna with my daughter. You made our family vacation so special for each of us. We are looking forward to planning A family reunion and would love to do a villa vacation in Mykanos . Thank you.”

Marie Ann

Hello Betsy,

We would like to thank you for planning our recent trip to Greece and Turkey. In our wildest dreams we couldn’t have imagined a more perfect trip for our 25th Anniversary! We were really blessed to be able to have our family with us. When we started arranging the trip, we thought it would be smart to pick a company in Greece and Turkey arrange the trip and we selected private tours based on what we read in Vip Luxury Travel. Little did we know, at the time, how smart this decision was. While planning the trip, the staff at Vip luxury Travel listened carefully and did a phenomenal job customizing our trip for us. From the moment we landed in Athens, until the time we got back on the plane from Istanbul , our 11 day trip was perfectly orchestrated by Vip Luxury Travel . The hotels were fantastic we loved it , and the tours and tour guides all hand-picked were unbelievable; a trip of total luxury. The hotels, tour guides, and drivers were superb! Istanbul and Turkey was amazing ..I liked to shopping in Grand bazaar .We will certainly highly recommend Vip luxury Travel to all of our family and friends, and hope to return to Greece and Turkey in the future; we wouldn’t consider traveling to Greece without having Vip Luxury Travel arrange the trip.

Burton and Amy

Hello Diana,

I wanted to write and tell you what a fantastic trip you arranged for the two of us in Turkey. Every day was wonderful, filled with pleasant memories and photos. The little extras that you suggested or added were all great fun.It was clear that a great deal of thought went into the itinerary that was developed for us. Thank you! 

Our guide, Senem , and our  driver Ali Ihsan for the last leg of the trip were incredibly wonderful. By the end of the trip, and without losing their professionalism, they made us feel like we were one happy family. What a joy they were! So helpful, so kind and so knowledgeable! They are a true asset to your company when you arrange for them to deal with your guests.

As you know, this was my second trip with your company and I am looking forward to planning another one.I will recommend your company  Vip Luxury Travel  all of my friends. I will send you our pictures and I will visit you next week to organize our Israel tours with you in your Manhattan office 

Thank you again for a great trip and see you next week

Cindy and Greeg

Hello Hulya, I just wanted to let you know that we had a great time in Istanbul, Onur Usta picked us up and we found him very sweet, friendly and accommodating.He took us to have good meals on both days and we toured the city.Unfortunately, we were unable to get into the Topkapi or Hagia Sofia because of the crowds lined up there for tickets, which would have meant a 2 – 3 hour wait.We also had a good time in Kusadasi, were driven to Ephesus and enjoyed it greatly. Thanks for arranging this, I’ll certainly let all my friends know about your company. Kindest regards, Kitty Finch

My visit to Istanbul and eastern Turkey, during September 2011, was one of the more interesting foreign trips I have taken. I saw the people and places I had hoped to see and appreciated the trip arrangements made for me by Hulya Aydogan of Elite Turkey Tours, in New York City. Without her knowledge of Turkey and the advice she gave me, as I arranged for the tour, my trip would not have been as interesting or smooth as it was, nor would I have been able to see as much as I did in 16 days. After I had arranged the trip, Ms. Erdogan sent me numerous booklets, about places on the tour, which I provided me with additional information relevant to the trip. Her service went several steps beyond what I have previously experienced with travel agents.

Norman Black

Hello Hulya and Nadia,

I wanted to thank you both and let you know that we had a wonderful trip. Hulya, the arrangements inTurkey were wonderful. The hotel was lovely and in a very good location, walking distance to Taksim square. Our rooms were spacious, with balconies overlooking the city. The breakfast buffet was quite good and everyone liked it.

The private tours were perfect. We could adjust the pace to our liking and our guides were both excellent. They both spoke English well and were very enjoyable. We really loved Istanbul and Ephesus is amazing. We were only sorry that we did not stay in Turkey the rest of the trip. Most of all, we LOVED the food, and the people were very friendly everywhere we went.

The Louis Cristal cruise was also very nice. A little hectic, with stops at two islands some days, but that is the way most of the Greek island cruises are, I know. The ship itself was fine. Cabins nice, very clean, food OK (but nowhere near as good as Turkish food) and the crew was very friendly and very helpful. We learned that you can get on and off the ship at any port, although I don’t know how you would arrange to stay a few days in one place and then get back on. But it seemed like that was a possibility. Something you might want to look into for future clients! Also, the walking culinary tour through Istanbul Eats was a lot of fun. I had read about it in the NY Times. We went through the European side, mostly the Beyoglu area, from 8:30 am to 3:30pm. Lots of good food and interesting facts. Keep it in mind also for other clients. Our tour guide was an American, originally from Vermont, living in Istanbul for 7 years now. It was a private tour also, as they only take a max. of 6 people. and since we were 4, we had the guide to ourselves.

We arrived in Athens at 7am so we had a full day to sight see there. The hotel there was also very nice, and we took advantage of the rooftop pool late in the afternoon after visiting the Acropolis. The taxi drivers went on strike the day we were leaving so we ended up hiring a private car service to the airport, but it was fine. The hotel took care of the arrangements for us without any problems.

All in all, we had a wonderful trip. Not relaxing, that’s for sure, but pretty much what we had hoped for. As I said, our only regret was that we didn’t spend the rest of the time touring Turkey and saving Greece for another time. However, the Greek islands have been on our list of places to see for years, so we are happy we did see them. Hopefully there will be another trip back, so we can see more of both countries.

Again, thank you both, I know it was a long time coming together, but it was a wonderful experience for us all. I appreciate your working together on this trip, and hope you will both benefit from it!

Most sincerely,


Hello Hulya,I just wanted to let you know that we had a great time in Istanbul, Onur Usta picked us up and we found him very sweet, friendly and accommodating.He took us to have good meals on both days and we toured the city.Unfortunately, we were unable to get into the Topkapi or Hagia Sofia because of the crowds lined up there for tickets, which would have meant a 2 – 3 hour wait.We also had a good time in Kusadasi, were driven to Ephesus and enjoyed it greatly. Thanks for arranging this, I’ll certainly let all my friends know about your company. Kindest regards,

Kitty Finch

I want to say that I enjoyed my visit to Istanbul by staying at Hotel Daphine, arranged by Hulya Aydogan of Elite Turkey Tours. The hotel was very hospitable and in a perfect location, within walking distance to the Mosques, Hippodrome, Tram stop, Spice Market and Grand Bazaar. I also want to thank Mehmet Ali Kiral for the conversations we had every evening on my journeys for that day. Thank you…

Dave Marquis

A Big Thank You for a Wonderful Experience…

I want to personally thank Hulya Aydogan of Elite Turkey Tours for the most enjoyable time I had in Istanbul and Cappadocia. She arranged my trip so I could visit all the important sites I wanted to see in Cappadocia. The Underground Cities, Goreme Open Air Museum, plus the Fairy Chimneys. She arranged where I stayed, “Yusuf Yigitoglu Konagi”, in a most beautiful cave hotel room. She also booked a Hot Air Balloon ride. She arranged my transportation from airports to hotels and guide pick-ups. Hulya worked on this trip for eight months and was always available for my questions and information; She even me called when I was in Turkey to make sure that I was enjoying my time.

Thank you for all of the memories; You are a great Friend…

Dave Marquis

Hi Hulya

Thanks again for your all help coordinating our travel for our group and for help in choosing a hotel. Everyone absolutely loved Wow Kremlin Palace and are still talking about What a great time we all had Our beach wedding was exactly what Eric and I wanted and thanks again Gloria verde resort everything went perfectly. Thanks again Hulya we really appreciate the time you spent making sure our wedding was absolutely perfect

Doris and Eric

Dear Hulya,

I want to thank you for helping put my trip together and made it memorable. The contact in Istanbul was very nice and helpful; all transfers were always on time and very pleasant.

You have a beautiful country but what impressed me the most was the people. You know I travel a lot, but I have never met such warm people, as the Turkish.

The sites were rich in culture. I enjoyed very much the walking tour in Istanbul, the guide was excellent, had lots of knowledge and it was very informative. I believe his name was Omar. The Hotels were great and the staff typical Turkish people…warm.

The only thing I was a bit disappointed was the food. I love Turkish food, everything else was excellent and I’m looking forward to go back and visit the places we missed.

I want to thank you again for your professionalism and fell free to call me if you want me to talk with another of your clients.


Cesar and Henry


Great to see your note. What you don’t know is that Cindy wanted to send you a post card from Izmir, but we couldn’t find a post card quickly enough when we arrived at the airport. We thought the Cappadocia would be the second best option.

Please be certain to tell Tugay that we appreciated all the excellent history and the stories he told us. He should also know that the dinner we had with him was the best for the whole trip. We tried to find the restaurant on the last night, but got lost looking so we ate at Mozaic (which was also excellent.)

You may use our comments for your testimonials

Thank you for all the great service to make our trip a success. We have been telling everyone about what a great place Turkey is to visit and that if they plan a trip there, we have an agent that can help plan the trip.

Best Regards,

Cindy and Mick

Dear Hulya

We are happy with Elite Turkey Tours services during October 2010 tours

Overall rating 9.5 out of 10.

We will glad to recommend Elite Turkey Tours to our friends from USA and CANADA

price : best price

services : outstanding in helping, planning

tour guide : very kind person and outstanding

vehicle : very clean comfortable and new

trust : elite turkey tours deliver more what they promised

driver : very experience and kind person

dervish show : fantastic

hot balloon ride : spectacular

gullet tour : unforgettable

lunch : excellent very good food and wonderful place

all the best and hope to use your service again

Alison family

Hi Hulya

Nancy and I have only just returned from our trip .Thank you for all the arrangments made on our behalf.We were happy with the accomodation and touring.All arrangments ran ver smoothly ..The accomodation was the style and high quality that Nancy and I wanted and the touring/transportation/guides and cars were perfect

We will ceratinly reccommend Elite Turkey Tours to our friends and colleagues and we will be in touch you ourselves for assistance as we plan to spend some more time Greece and Egypt

Nancy and Jay

Hi Elite

We enjoyed visiting Greek Islands of Mykanos ,Patmos,Crete,Santorini in Kusadasi in Bodrum

also we appreciated your efforts in booking us and admire Elite turkey tours for being such a professional organizations

We mentioned and recommend you and your company to some friends , Who may be thinking of cruising or visiting Mediterranean all the best

Sandi Lorainne and Erica Carmella

 Dear Hulya,

I have always wanted to explore the beautiful and historic area of Cappadocia. Visiting Turkey for business presented me with this rare opportunity I just had to take advantage of. I was lucky enough to come across Hulya from Elite Turkey Tours, who arranged a magnificent trip. Everything worked out perfectly. The hotel was stupendous (Gamirasu Cave Hotel in Ayvali), the service the best Ive had in many years of travel, the driver and guides impeccable, and the experience unforgettable.This trip can satisfy anyone accustomed to the best of accomodations.



My wife and I decided to take a trip to Turkey at the beginning of 2010. We normally fly to a country after we have selected cities, hotels and a set itinerary. I started looking on the internet and came across Elite Turkey Tours. I called the US office and spoke with Hulya Aydogan and had the most amazing experience! I had already selected some of the cities and sites that we wanted to see but did not have a specific plan. To plan the trip, Hulya spent a great deal of time listening and asking questions about lodging, cities, history and our general interests. We gave her a budget and a specific time frame and she came back to us in a very short period of time with the trip of a lifetime! She planned the most amazing private tour with a guide and driver throughout the country. She was incredibly patient and always had answers for all of our questions.

Once we arrived in Turkey, we were never alone. The lodging was always 4 star and in unique areas of the cities we selected. The daily sites and private tours were with our own guide in every place we travelled. They were the most friendly, knowledgeable and kind people you would ever expect to meet. The vehicles that we toured in were 5 star! Our plane reservations and transfers were seamless! We even received a call from Hulya when we arrived at our hotel in Turkey the first night. I know she was tracking our trip the entire time we were away to make certain we were satisfied with her service. She is an amazing person and words can’t express the amazing job she did in planning our trip to Turkey. We are planning on going back and I know there will only be one person that will plan the next trip – our travel expert and friend Hulya.

Don & Hanna C.


I just returned home as I was in Africa doing volunteer work- the room, the wine, our tour guide umit, the dinner, the staff, the bath tub, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks SO much for everything and I sincerely appreciate the royal treatment we received- what I wonderful experience- I am telling everyone!

Thanks again, hulya!

Aimee Wertepny

Hi Hulya,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you – thanks for following up! I’ve been meaning to drop you a note since I returned to thank you for all your help.

As I mentioned to you, my favorite part of the trip to Turkey was the part you arranged for me in Cappadocia. The guide, Biersen, was terrific, and very knowledgeable. The Hotel Esbelli was one of the loveliest places I’ve ever stayed in – and the dinner that you arranged for me, as well as the Whirling Dervish show, was wonderful! And I did end up going on the balloon ride, which was very memorable. I took lots of pictures, and posted some of them here – you can take a look at them in the “Turkey” gallery, if you’d like: http://pa.photoshelter.com/gallery-list/U0000Bi7iGEu4s1c

All in all, I just want to thank you so much for all your help with this! I was truly impressed with your careful attention to detail; all of the arrangements were impeccable, and everything went perfectly – which is a great comfort when you’re visiting a new country. Thank you so much for all your help and hard work! I will highly recommend you and Elite Turkey Tours to anyone I know who is going to Turkey –

I hope all is going well with you!

Take care,


Dear Hulya,

We had a wonderful time. We loved your country. The scenery was wonderful the guides were terrific and the food was delicious. All in all the trip was one to be remembered and planed thank you too.


Joan and Lou

Hi Hulya! I meant to contact you on our return… Sorry I forgot.

The trip was GREAT!

The tour was impeccable!

We had a great time, great food and we met great people!

Your country is absolutely gorgeous! I’ll make sure to recommend your company to our friends.

And I’ll contact you again next year when we take our kids four our “second” trip to Turkey!

Best regards,


Our trip was spectacular.Absolutely perfect in every way ,we were upgraded to suits in both hotels and given the VIP treatmant both places . Both sent fruit baskets and bottels of champagne loved every minute of it The rooms and service were exceptional

we hope to able to return to both places for our Anniversaries

Any way I wanted to thank you again for making this trip so wonderful for us

We will definetly recommend the Elite Turkey Tours to anyone I know planning honeymoon and anniversary

If we ever need travel services again I will let you know 

Maria and Alfred


We are home from our honeymoon and we had the most wonderful time..I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all the hard work ,you put into planning and scheduling our honeymoon trip ..It was the most beatufil place we ever seen and had the time of our life..A big Thank you for eveything What you did

It was such an amazing honeymoon We are very greatfull

Thanks Hulya We look forward to working with Elite Turkey Tours the next time travel again

Shelia and James

hi June 

I want to thank you for going above and beyond !! for our amazing trip in Turkey. We wanted to send our thanks to you for arranging such a fantastic trip for us, especially on such short notice. did not have to think that much because you did all the careful planning. From scheduling the driver pick-up, to the private tour guide We wanted to provide you with some feedback on things we particularly enjoyed. Four Season hotel Bosporus in Istanbul was our favorite hotel. They treated us with respect. The location was perfect, and the service was impeccable food was delicious 

Of very special note, the tour in Istanbul and Cappadocia was the very best days of our entire trip for both. we love to join Turkish night and we enjoyed hot balloon ride in Cappadocia 

In the beginning, I don’t like booking online- – June – – Elite Turkey tours added the human touch and an eye for details. 

I would not hesitate to use your services again and will recommend to my friends and colleagues. 

Thanks for making a memorable trip and honeymoon! 


hello June 

We want to thank you for planning a perfect honeymoon trip for us to Italy . It was my husband’s idea to honeymoon in Italy, and I’m so glad I agreed. Milan was a great first stop, we shop all famous designers .. the luxury vans that drove us to from airport to the beautiful hotels June chose and all of the little details: VIP private tour with the perfect guide- we loved every second of our trip. ! What a lovely surprise! in our hotel 🙂

My favorite thing about the whole trip was the privacy of all our tours and transfers. I felt like royalty. what a wonderful way to start!  

The hotel accommodations were impressive. The hotel staff in Lake Como gave us the best restaurant recommendations..  

You organized the perfect trip for us- unforgettable. 

We can’t thank you enough for your kindness and consideration. 

Thank you, June, for making our honeymoon magical from the bottom of my heart. 


Hello Hulya 

Elite Turkey Tours is a great travel Agency and have used them on four amazing trips with companies they have recommended. Our last trip in February/March to Turkey Cappadocia and Pamukkale , was very well put together and they take all of your input into putting the entire itinerary together. all Transportations and Hotels clean and nice , we love Turkish breakfast , our tour guide she is very informative , hot balloon ride is amazing experience for us .. Highly recommend and will be working them once again in the future. 

thank you so much Hulya and Elite Turkey tours 

Mina Chandler 

hi June 

We just arrival home and I wanted to say thank you for helping us plan a special anniversary trip Greece and Turkey . We enjoyed Greece and Turkey vacation so much, especially the people, culture, sights and of course the food , vine and Raki ! For our anniversary, we had dinner overlooking the sea at sunset , i love the surprize that you send us champagne and chocolate our hotel rooms for our anniversary in Greece 

All transfers and tours were professionally organized and efficient. Our tour guide in Athens, was very informative , the wine and culinary tour and catamaran trip in Santorini were highlights…what i say my dream come true … Santorini, the village of Oia and the best hotel was the Mykonos Grand. We were so impressed with the facilities all facilities so clean, service, is very good and the welcoming nature of the staff. People are so friendly . 

We had such a wonderful day tour in Istanbul with our very knowledgeable and informative tour guide . We saw so much including going to the Egyptian Spice Bazaar. we love to get Bosporus Dinner Tour sea food and meze with raki it was so delicious . We enjoyed Turkish hamam it was amazing experience for us 🙂 🙂 where some items are only made in one city in Turkey which made it very special! i bought handmade rugs from grand bazaar … 

Beautiful scenery in Cappadocia, which was amazing walk underground City , but almost more spectaular when seen from hot air balloon ride …very lovely , like-minded people to travel with  we shared a lot 

Elite Turkey Tours and June truly helped us make this an experience one that we will never forget! We have already told many of our friends and family that they need to go through you if/when they decide to travel to Greece and Turkey 


hello June   

Yes, it will be hard to adjust because it was truly an escape. our dream Italy tour I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed ourselves. It was amazing trip . The private tours being on the 2nd morning was perfect timing I love to visit Rome . The guides were all top notch and mixed a bit of history, architecture, local culture with great stories and tips to visiting the Florence  

It was so worth it and we learned a lot. Well informed Guides , Fruit & Wine , we stayed beautiful hotels & villas made us appreciate .Matero vines and culinary was amazing taste  

I believe The quality of each segment of the trip, down to the travel itinerary and support were exceptional and enjoyable 

. We truly appreciated the wonderful personal touch of surprising us with a bottle of champagne. Fruit and chocolate basket It was such a touching surprise. We enjoyed a lot 

Without hesitation I would recommend your services for anyone traveling to Italy or anywhere you go for that matter. We enjoyed every minute of our tour and will remember it always! 

We will look forward to working with you again. 

Thanks so much! 


hello June

We have wanted to go to Greece for our 25th years Anniversary . We have traveled to Europe and Afrika before and planned everything myself, but not really knowing much about Greece and wanting the trip to be perfect, My friend advises to me Elite Turkey Tours 

June is the person that helped me. He was so helpful and patient. she knows Greece very well i gave her my travel budget to travel , and she planned EVERYTHING for us . I can’t tell you how much less stressed I was not having to worry about transportation. With all the flights and airport transfers already scheduled, we just had to show up!  

Our historic tour of Athens and the Acropolis was so interesting and awesome When we go to  Santorini island the volcano and hot springs tour was great, i love to join too wine tour amazing experience . Getting to taste new wines from a different part of the world and learn about them was awesome. our tour guide was hilarious also so informative. In Reythymno, on Crete island we learned all about Greek mythology and the origins of the Minoan people. Fascinating! 

we love to visit on . We wandered the city each day and then came back to our hotel to sit on the porch and watch the sun set each day. It was amazing view . All the hotels were very nice and conveniently located all the rooms is upgraded The first hotel and the last hotel both had anniversary treats for us ! it’s those little things that make events in life memorable. 

So Thank you so much againn, you and your team are amazing job that you did  

we are hoping to work with you again in the future trip 

Thanks again Happy weekend 


hello Hulya 

First and foremost, i would like to thank you so incredible much for all the work you did to make our trip To Turkey as wonderful as it was.. We loved the historical sites of Istanbul , the upbeat and active vibes of Cappadocia , the romantic sunset and views in Bodrum,and delicious food in cesme …i dont know how to thank you for helping us book my dream comes true honeymoon for us 

Thank you for complimentary Bosporus welcome dinner. Fish and meze perfect.. 

again, thank you for all the tips and suggestions while we were there and helping us book the special activities during our honeymoon trip…We wouldn’t have had such as an awesome trip without your help 🙂

our honeymoon trip has been very impressive and satisfactory and i look forward to awaiting your services for future trips 


hello Hulya 

First and foremost i would like to thank you so incredible much for all the work you did to make our trip To Turkey as wonderful as it was.. We loved the historical sites of Istanbul , the upbeat and active vibes of Cappadocia , the romantic sunset and views in Bodrum,and delicious food in cesme …i dont know how to thank you for helping us book my dream comes true honeymoon for us 

Thank you for complimentary Bosporus welcome dinner. Fish and meze perfect.. 

again thank you for all the tips and suggestions while we were there and helping us book the special activities during our honeymoon trip…We wouldn’t have had such as an awesome trip without your help 🙂 our honeymoon trip has been very impressive and satisfactory and i look forward to awaiting your services for future trips 

Nicholas and Cindy K. 


My husband and I just returned from an incredible 12 days vacation to Turkey . We worked closely with Hulya to customize our vacation which included Istanbul , Cappadocia , Pamukkale and Bodrum. I dont know how to thank you . We could not have crafted this incredible adventure without Hulya’s assistance!  She took time to truly understand what experiences we were looking for she started building our dream vacation. Every detail which was customized with our preferences in mind. plan our next trip to Europe with Elite Turkey Tours  Thank you again Hulya for everything. Your special touches made this the trip of a lifetime! i love Turkish hamam experience…I have very unforgettable memories about Turkey i will share all my friend ..  sunset cruise trip in Istanbul it was perfect, food was delicous  

If you ask , What were the most enjoyable or memorable parts of your trip  honetsy It’s impossible to pinpoint the most memorable part of the trip-because everything was magical! All activates The excursions, hotels, food , service, and guides were outstanding. Every private driver Hulya selected was on time and every tour guide was outstanding. hulya selected guides who were passionate about Turkey and experts in their field Culture, Wine, Archeology, History, Palaces underground city .even if we join some traditional wedding ceremony and enjoy a lot to discover the Turkish culture people are so kind and friendly  



My husband and I took a trip for our 25 th anniversary  to Greece and Turkey vacation …Not having traveled much we decided to use Elite Turkey Tours My travel specialist  Hulya was very informative and so incredibly helpful. She organized every detail. Our trip was one of the most enjoyable and informative we have ever had. The travel company was excellent and our personal relationship with our travel designer Hulya gave us confidence throughout our time in Greece and Turkey.  Everything went off without a hitch. It was an amazing trip and I’m so glad we used her expertise! 

All hotel rooms updated by Hulya The excursions were exceptional. The hotels were very comfortable we love open buffet breakfast Everything was arranged for us to show up and go where we needed to go .  

Istanbul cooking , fresh grilled fish on the Bosphorus , Turkish Hamam, to Visit Athens, Santorini , Crete, Mykonos … Thank you Hulya to helping My dreams come true 

Thank you Hulya I cant wait until next trip 


hello Hulya 

I wanted to thank you so much you and your Team. Our honeymoon in Greece was memorable and enjoyable ..What an amazing honeymoon…very great choice of hotels and drivers our Tour Guide , drivers were very prompt, professional , well educated .also the cars were very luxurious we love food and Santorini night life and winery tours getting the cooking class 

and join a lot of activities 

first time i worked travel agency in my life and i m so happy ..i will be in touch with you our next trip and will recommend you and your service to all my family and friends

talk to you soon

Jimmy and Henna

hello Hulya 

planning our 50 years anniversary to Turkey connected Hulya .She planned the itinerary for us made us feel like royalty. All elements of the trip were great and things went very smoothly.

accommodation in Istanbul and Cappadocia cave hotel was memorable ,Suzanne and i enjoyed the entire trip and were happy we choose you and your service to work with

Well informed tour guides and surprise Fruit & Wine Chocolate basket in our room 

Many thanks for the unforgettable anniversary trip , this is for of a lifetime

Michael and Suzanne

hello June

Thank you so much for plannig our Italy Trip where exactly to stay in Tuscany, you steered us toward Villa Cicolina and Montepulciano – also an amazing, stunningly beautiful place to stay, visit and get lost in. 

All hotels in Florance Rome and Venice were also wonderful, with great staff and great locations. this trip beyond our expectations The winery tour, gondola ride and private tours in Rome, Vatican City and Venice were top-notch.

THANK YOU and your team for helping us with our trip. . We will, without a doubt, recommend you and your services to anyone we know who is planning a trip to Italy and if we are fortunate enough to visit Italy again in the future, 

i will recommend your service 

Naden and Joe

hello Hulya 

Firstly, THANK YOU for a very special Turkey tour experience. It was amazing to have our own guide & driver everywhere we went, not to mention being met at the airport & having everything taken care of from that point, including checking into the hotel. It all went extremely smoothly. The local company you chose to use were professional, courteous & knowledgeable.

Secondly, we would like you to pass on our appreciation of the following people who really went out of their way to make our trip memorable: I love to get Cappadocia Hot balloon ride , visit underground City and of course Istanbul amazing City ..we took Gulet cruise in Bodrum next time we are planning to get one week cruise to go all islands

thank you again

Cynthia and Candice

Hi Hulya I hope you are doing well

We enjoyed Turkey so much, especially the people, culture, sights and of course the food! For our anniversary, we had dinner overlooking the sea at sunset.Our Tour guide in Istanbul was wonderful we liked the Bosporus cruise dinner and Cappadocia wine tours All transfers and tours were professionally organized, and We were so impressed with the facilities, service, and the welcoming nature of the staff. I just wanted to write you a note and say thank you for everything you did to help us with our trip to Turkey The trip was absolutely amazing and perfect and was the best 12 days of my life so far! So thank you so much again, you and your team are amazing and we hope to work with you again in the future. will need your services again 🙂 I hope you have a great friday

Debi and Fredd

hello Elite Turkey

destinations Athens , Naxos , Santorini Our travel agent June created the perfect package of sightseeing and enjoying some downtime as we traveled to Athens, Naxos and Santorini. we loved delicious food and wine night life is amazing we enjoyed a lot ;people are so friendly The pre-planning and direct execution of this tour brought us more joy i had hoped , way beyond my expectations thanks a lot see you next trip

Monica and Lee

hello June

destiantion is Greece and Turkey June and her staff are amazing. did a phenomenal job planning our honeymoon! She booked Greece and Turkey combination honeymoon tour package for us Every detail was thoughtfully planned out. They were easy to reach and responded quickly with any questions we had. Highly recommend her service , Had never booked with a travel agent before and after our experience we will never go back to booking a vacation on our own. Our hotels’ rooms are updated .Can’t say enough good things about Elite Turkey tours

Janet and Connor

hello June

a lovely part of Italy visiting beautiful towns and cities on the route. Beyond professional and competent service ..also our local tour Guide ,great and super knowledge down vine and culinary recommendations about the local restaurants .. The hotels were very nice and comfortable and some quite unique. I love to visit Puglia is full of millions of Olive trees with a few vineyards too. Therefore, the vistas on the route became very similar and repetitive each day. This was in contrast to the beautiful on-route vistas of the Amalfi Coast or Portugal’s Atlantic coast trips which I preferred. thank you so much June for planning memorable Italy trip for us

Jacob and Nancy

Hello June

Last month we back to home , Our Trip was amazing and seamless we had a marvelous trip ..June assistant with this trip behind of expectations .. When i start to book saw a lot of travel agencies internet. i talked to a lot of agencies because this is family trip i wanted to choose best agency for my family .. and eventually i choose to work with June… One of many things i liked June. Because she is living in Usa …she knows my expectations and she knows location very well she grows up there …she listen very well and prepared for us very unique itinerary with all details with affordable price .All hotels she booked were amazing the excursions were unforgettable We loved so Much to visit Athens , Rhodes, Mykonos and Crete .. The Greeks were so polite and friendly and very helpful, we loved Greek food and culinary class of course Greek Vine too.. Btw our tour guide Artemis and our driver Nicholas, they gave us perfect service The sites and scenery on this trip were just magnificent they are so informative so helpful we feel like the family ..they did very god Job June Next year we would like to plan a big family Europe tour with you

Laura and Tom family