1. Bring on the sunshine
If you want to experience a wide range of historical significances, go no farther than Malta, which has been the focal point of some of Europe’s most astonishing upheavals throughout the course of its 7,000-year history.
2. Cultural Hub
If you’re looking to experience an array of historical significances then look no further as Malta has been the central mark of some of the most remarkable upheavals Europe has seen with 7,000 years of history.You can visit some of the oldest megalithic temples in the world or even one of the 300 churches found across Malta and Gozo.
3. A taste of the good life
Above all, the Maltese are passionate about their food. Malta is the place to go if you want to experience passionate Mediterranean cuisine.
4. A day in (sunny) paradise
Dear sunbathers, one of Malta’s enticing beaches awaits you!A beach is never far away on the island, which is surrounded by azure crystalline seas. Because the island is tiny, you will avoid long journeys and will be able to visit more than one beach in a day because they are no more than 15 minutes away.
5. Island hopping
Visit one of the other islands, such as Gozo or Comino, which provide a more tranquil experience than Malta and are also home to a greener side of these archipelago islands.Gozo is a boat journey away from Malta and caters to the majority of tourists with a broad selection of restaurants and activities such as renting a quad bike and riding across the island in a day.
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