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Destination Weddings & Anniversaries with Elite Turkey Tours

Let Elite Turkey Tours’ experienced advisors help you plan the most idyllic destination wedding you can dream of

You’ve dreamed your whole life of that special day where everything is absolutely perfect. But the thought of a traditional wedding and the family stress that comes along with it just makes you want to head to the nearest courthouse. 

Destination weddings and honeymoons are a growing trend since today’s couples want more without the stress. They want adventure. And they want to share it with their closest family and friends. 

Do you want to get married on the beach? By the sea? Among the ruins of an ancient church? The choice is yours. Elite Turkey Tours’ experienced advisors will help plan the most idyllic destination wedding you can dream of, whether it is on a cruise to the Mediterranean or at an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean. 

Destination weddings can involve just the couple; the couple and their closest friends and family; or the couple plus a group large enough to become a weeklong family affair. Elite Turkey Tours’ advisors are experts in travel and will personally guide you, whether your event is big or small. 

It’s Virtually Stress-Free 

We offer personalized service. Tell us your hopes and dreams. With so many cruise lines and beautiful resorts around the world, our goal is to simplify the process for you so that you can enjoy your special day. Many cruise lines and resorts offer full-service wedding and renewal of vow programs. Each package is designed with plenty of alternatives to fit your needs and budget, including an on-site Personal Wedding Planner. 

It’s Cost-effective 

Destination weddings allow you to combine your ceremony and reception with a honeymoon while offering your family and friends a vacation as well. Some cruise lines and resorts offer free wedding packages based on your stay. Imagine this: exotic destinations, gourmet meals, entertainment, beautiful accommodations, spa services and more. With the average cost of a traditional wedding exceeding $25,000 (and higher in the major metropolitan areas), combining a wedding and honeymoon with all costs included can be very attractive. 

It’s a Once-in-a-Lifetime Celebration 

Family and friends are scattered throughout the world. Getting them together is sometimes challenging. But throwing in a vacation with a special event and you’ll have a group made up of your closest family and friends. There’s no need to run to one place and another. It’s all there, ready for you. 

EXCLUSIVE: Destination Weddings by Elite Turkey Tours 

We’ve made celebrating life’s most important events easier than ever. We offer shore-side destination weddings and events at many locations around the world. Set sail on a cruise or journey to an exotic destination where you want to celebrate your love for each other.