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How does Elite Turkey Tours  differ from other tour companies?
We use an international network of experts which allows us to use their extensive knowledge and expertise combined to create unique and memorable tours all over the world. We can utilize the inside information to tailor tours so that you have wonderful and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

We know the destinations as we travel there to make sure that what we recommend is accurate and of a high standard. We constantly travel the world  to check standards and to find new places we believe you will want to see. We are happy to share our experiences with you to show our high standards and quality.

We offer a personalized service as we take the time to find out what you want and need. We create tours based on your interests that are customized and inspirational. For example, you may be interested in archaeology, yoga, food, art or music and we can create a tour to suit you or maybe a short trip in a longer tour.

Elite Turkey Tours was established 25 years ago to create spectacular unique experiences for people who want to explore the stunning beauty of places around the world. The staff are happy to share their experiences, the exitement and pleasure they have found in their travels and want you to enjoy them too. We are well travelled, very excited to show you and want you to be inspired to travel too.

Elite Turkey Tours have local experts in all destinations who work on your behalf, allowing you to have a great time with peace of mind. We have local staff who are available to ensure you have an enjoyable, comfortable but safe trip. On our tours, you can rest assured that we will immediately assist you should any issues arise.

How do I plan the tour?
You will plan your tour with one of our travel specialists. They have up-to-date knowledge of all destinations through their extensive travelling and are therefore qualified to offer recommendations and suggestions to suit you. However, it is very important to be very clear and honest about what you want so that they can ensure that your trip is exactly what you want and ensuring an enjoyable and memorable travel experience, with the best itinerary. If you have any questions, concerns or other needs, please feel free to ask.

Can I change the itinerary from the website?
While some people like to take a tour with the same itinerary as on the website, many people prefer to create their own to cater to their own preferences, interests and budget. We specialize in customizing trips to create the perfect itinerary for the individual or group to ensure a perfect experience.

What dates are available for the tours on the website?
As the Elite Turkey Tours trips are all private, you may travel whenever you like. With very few exceptions, all trips can depart on any date required.

Are there group tours arranged by Elite Turkey Tours?
We sell small group tours in boutique style. The tours are private allowing only you and the group you choose to accompany you. The itinerary is not fixed so that the tour is flexible to accommodate you interests, needs and energy levels. We are happy to help with group tour needs.

What does the tour include?
The tours generally include all transfers, private tours, domestic flights, accommodation and visas and most, but not all meals.

Why don't you include all meals on the tours?
We don't inlcude all meals on our tours as in our experience we have found that our clients sometimes like to seek out traditional cuisine at local restaurants for themselves. Breakfast is included everyday and some lunches are also included and a welcome dinner is included on your first evening. A restaurant recommendation list for your tour is provided to give you help with restaurant options and reservations to restaurants can be made ahead of time upon request. Your guide is also available to give suggestions and recommendations for all your dietary preferences and needs, restrictions and cuisine requirements if requested.

Is it possible to combine luxury and "off-the-beaten-track" tours?
It is possible to arrange an itinerary to combine luxury and "off-the-beaten-track" experiences. If you would simply like to drive through the countryside or if you would prefer to be more adventurous, we will try our best to provide a tour for your particular interest and comfort level.

Will the guide be the same for the whole trip?
As we work with local guides who are residents of the area you are travelling in, they are extremely knowledgeable and you can rely on them to provide the best experiences. They know the area intimately and know the best scenery, views, restaurants, the best time to visit a place to avoid the crowds and are happy to answer questions which show this knowledge. As they are local, you will generally have a different guide for each city or area, each with their own knowledge of that particular area. All guides are professional, knowledgeable, friendly and informative and so the quality of the tour will remain high.

Is Elite Turkey Tours independent or do they work with travel agents?
We are a luxury tour operator which allows us to work independently and with travel agents. If you have a travel agent, you may ask them to call us for further information, or if you prefer, you may call us directly and speak with one of our travel specialists.

Do I have to arrange my own visas or do you arrange them?
We can arrange your visas but sometimes it is more efficient and quicker if you arrange them yourself and sometimes they are issued upon arrival. When speaking to your travel advisor, please be sure you understand if we will be arranging your visa or if you are to arrange it yourself.